Financial Management Of The Firm 

What We Have Available For Financial Management Of The Firm

For Financial Accounting at FSU we offer:
  • Online Chapter and Exam Reviews

  • Interactive or Timed Online Practice Tests

  • An Awesome Semester Package combining all the above material

  • Be sure to click on any of the above tabs for specific details about each of the available study material throughout the semester

Choose your reviews based on the study pattern that works best for you. You can study with our online review if you can’t make it to the session, you can attend the live reviews in person for a more interactive experience, or you can also do a combination of both live & online.  There is no price difference with either reviews, and they will all bring you a kickass learning experience where the concepts are explained in step-by-step details, with the simple plain English that anyone can understand

Semesterprice tag

Edny’s FIN3403 Semester Deal Includes

  • Access to all of our Spring 15 Online Exam & Chapter Reviews (Video & Workout Solution)

  • Access to All Packets & Extra Practice Exams (you can print online)

  • Access to All Timed Online Practice Exams

  • Access to All Final Exam Material

  • Unlimited calls or text for accounting questions as you’re studying


Edny’s FIN3403 Exam Reviews


Edny’s FIN3403 Chapter Reviews Include

Edny’s Free online practice  is a interactive test that lets you test your knowledge of the concepts from  each chapter. We have 2 different types of practice test:
  • Learning Practice: where you can check your work and see the workout of each problem as you complete them 

  • Mock Test: A timed mock test allowing you to get a better ideas of what to expect from a timed exam setting. You’ll get to see your strengths, weaknesses, and the types of problems that takes you the longest to complete